Pokémon Campaign

Trainer Monsters:
Players: 6+ Hit Die, Average or below intelligence
NPCS: 7+ Hit Die, Average or below intelligence

Game Overview

Welcome to the Trainer’s Tournament! Trainers from near and far have gathered today to compete for the title of Master Trainer and a big ol’ bag of gold! Trainers may compete in teams of up to 5 to face the tasks, trials, traps, and other trainers of the tournament. Each trainer may have up to 3 monsters on his/her team to compete with. During fights, trainers may summon one monster at a time. Fights must be equal in number; for example, trainers may fight 1 on 1, 2 against 2, 3 against 3, 4 against 4, or 5 against 5. Two trainers may not gang up on one trainer, and so on.

The tournament consists of two parts; the dungeons, and the final battle against last year’s reigning champions. Each dungeon has a theme and contains tasks to complete, trials to overcome, traps to escape or avoid, and other trainers to battle. Hidden in each dungeon are secret caches of healing potions and special items to be used throughout the trials. Once you and your team have navigated through the dungeons, you will challenge the reigning champions. If you can defeat them and their monsters in combat, you and your team members shall be named Master Trainers and shall receive 5,000 gold pieces each!

To enter the tournament, please submit the following paperwork to the gaming commission:
Your personal information
o Name
o Birth Date (age)
o Race
o Gender
o Why you are interested in the tournament (a back story)
Your Trainer Monsters
o You may have up to 3 that follow the guidelines above
o If your monsters have names or special facts, please list them
Your Rival
o Please (create) list your Trainer Rival and submit the above-mentioned data for them as well. Include why you are rivals.
o (Rivals fall under the NPC category and may have monsters with up to 7+ hit die)
Player Information:
Every player character must be a member of the Trainer class.

Trainer Class:
• Every Trainer has access to every monster from the 2nd Ed Monster Manual to train to fight for him/her.
• Your monsters hit points count as your own. When all 3 of your monsters hit points drop to 0, you lose the tournament.
• A monster must be “summoned” and in use at all time throughout the tournament, but only one may be in use at a time. At the beginning of each battle, you must choose which monster you would like to start with.
• For each turn, you as a trainer have options;
o You may command your monster to attack
o You may use an item on you or your monster, i.e. a healing potion for your monster
o You may do any action except fight yourself, as a trainer. (Trainers are not allowed weapons in the tournament. They may also not access magic spells or psionics.)
o During a fight, you may use one of your actions to switch out the monster that is currently fighting.
o You may flee from a fight at any time without consequence. However, when you return to that specific trainer or fight, their creature’s hit points will be restored to full health.
• If you are not in a fight, your character may navigate traps or trials, but any action that may possibly cause hit point damage must be completed by a monster, not the trainer.

The Trainer's Tournament

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